About Spoga®

As avid yoga lovers, we know that there’s nothing like taking that stretch to the max. And years of yoga experience have taught us that there’s no way to get that ultimate stretch without the ultimate gear.

We spent hundreds of hours, searching the globe for the perfect gear that synergized support and comfort. After all, we’re yogis, trained in endurance and persistence When at last we found that perfect mat, our entire yoga experience was transformed.

Our fellow yogis were jealous of our mats – until we offered to get more and sell it to them. Soon their friends insisted on getting these mats, so we sold it to them too – on the condition that they become our friends!

Before long, we had this large circle of friends, who shared the same mat and the same passion for yoga. We decided to call ourselves SPOGA YOGA and define ourselves by our mutual quest to bring yoga to the next level.

Over the years, we've expanded our line –and expanded our circle of friends along with it. All our products share the same yoga-transforming qualities as our original mats. And all our friends – customers and acquaintances alike - are treated with the same caring integrity as our original fellow yogi friends.

We invite you to purchase our products and transform your ordinary yoga experience to Spoga Yoga. With one condition. Call us your friends.

Women doing Yoga